St. Johns ( Mini Safari )

3 Days 7 - 9 Dives
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Why choose this route?

  • Ideal photographic opportunities. overhangs, swim-throughs and caves, and great visibility
  • Terrific coral walls and gardens, including a mix of both soft and hard coral formations

Claude Sha’ab

Sha’ab Claude with its famous swim-throughs and huge porite corals. White tip reef sharks and an anemone and clownfish settlement can be seen a little off the reef to the South.

Abu Galawa Soghayar

has a fantastic coral garden and a wreck of a private sailing boat populated with glassfish

Habili Ali

Habili Ali offers giant gorgonians and black corals whilst grey reef, silvertip and schools of hammerhead sharks might be found on the west side.

Habili Gafaar

HabiliGafaar is a mass of soft corals teaming with shoals of snappers, butterflyfish, and barracudas. Mantas, grey reef and silvertip sharks can often be seen in the blue.

Gota Kebir

Gota Kebir is a massive reef, famous for its tunnels and south plateau, where jacks and barracudas can be seen and the occasional manta.

Gota Soraya

Gota Soraya is rated as possibly one of the best wall dives in the Red Sea, with overhangs and cracks in the reef wall full of glassfish and sweepers and an abundance of corals, Grey Reef, Silvertips, and Hammerhead sharks.

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