Rocky Island – Zabargad – St. John’s

8 Days 16 - 18 Dives
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Why choose this route?

  • Expect to see turtles. Jacks and manta rays
  • These are exclusive dive sites accessible only with a safari boat

Zabargad Island

Zabargad Island is one of the biggest islands in the red sea, where turtles used to nest, offer dives in the blue or along the reef with an amazing underwater landscape, incredibly rich in fauna and well preserved.

Rocky Island

Rocky Island, truly a fantastic place, home to an array of incredible sharks species, majestic manta rays, massive groupers, curious jacks, schools of barracudas and more.

St. John’s

St. John’s is a cluster of small reefs offering some of the most spectacular underwater wildlife vistas in the Red Sea. Due to their isolation and a quasi-permanent current, it seems that all the marine life of the Red Sea is oncentrated here.

St. John’s Cave (Umm El Khararim)

St. John’s is very famous by its unique cavern and canyon system. The reef is surrounded by a beautiful hard coral garden, on its southwest side full of holes like a Swiss cheese. In shallow water you can dive through the open passages to see the light show of the sun and the nice soft corals growing inside.

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